Orange Hawk Weed

2 – Impacts And Common IPM Goals

Impacts from orange hawkweed arise from its competitive nature, and ability to form monocultures. Hawkweed can achieve high densities of growth in grasses as well as waste areas. The only limiting factors in competitiveness appear to be shady versus sunny sites.

The goals of an IPM plan for orange hawkweed management can vary from eradication to containment of infestations to broad areas. When first introduced to an area of the state eradication is a priority. If significant time after initial establishment has lapsed an extensive seed bank may exist and individual plants may be scattered about. When eradication is not feasible, containment to the human footprint, and keeping it from spreading to uninfested areas is the main priority. Containment involves targeting management around trailheads and other entries to natural areas, or pathways to farms or other lands you wish to protect. Good prevention practices are necessary to prevent the spread of orange hawkweed to new areas.